Ukrainian cuisine Quiz: questions and answers

Ukrainian cuisine Quiz: questions and answers
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Ukranian cuisine is a part of Slavic culinary traditions that have been forming for many centuries since ancient times. 

Ukrainian cuisine quiz contains ten curious questions and multiple choice answers to check what do you know about Ukranian food.

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1. The national dish of Ukraine that undeniably originates from the country is:

2. What is the main ingredient in borscht?

3. Which of the following dishes is not a soup?

4. What is smetana?

5. What is the name of thick, spicy and sour soup made with meat, fish or mushrooms and various vegetables and pickles?

6. What does salo consist of?

7. When is kalach typically served?

8. What is varennya?

9. What is ryazhenka made of?

10. Obolon Join Stock Company is a major Ukrainian producer of: