Universal Pictures Quiz: questions and answers

Universal Pictures Quiz: questions and answers
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Universal Pictures is one of the oldest and largest film studios located in Hollywood. Play the quiz and test how well do you know the history of this studio and American cinematography.

Universal Pictures quiz includes some interesting questions and answers related to the topic to test yourself.

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1. When was Universal Pictures founded?

2. Who owns Universal Pictures?

3. Where is Universal Pictures' headquarters located?

4. What was Universal Pictures' revenue in 2011?

5. Who was the founder of Universal Pictures?

6. What was the name of the German production unit opened by Universal in 1926?

7. When did the takeover of Universal Pictures by MCA, Inc happen?

8. What was the first feature movie filmed at Universal City?

9. In which of the Universal movies did Ronald Reagan star?

10. Which actress made her debut in Universal's 1942 film There's One Born Every Minute?