Uzbek Сuisine Quiz: questions and answers

Uzbek Сuisine Quiz: questions and answers
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Uzbek cuisine is very varied. it belongs to the culinary traditions of Turkic people of Central Asia and was formed many years ago.

Uzbek Сuisine quiz consists of some curious multiple-choice questions and answers about the topic.

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1. What is the signature dish of Uzbekistan?

2. What is a national dish of Uzbekistan?

3. Which one is the national hot beverage of Uzbekistan?

4. Which kind of tea is preferred in Tashkent?

5. Which one is a popular chilled yogurt drink in Uzbekistan?

6. Which one is a dumpling type food in Uzbek cuisine?

7. Which one is a main course food in Uzbek Cuisine?

8. How many wineries are there in Uzbekistan?

9. Which one is the oldest and most famous Uzbek winery?

10. Where is the most famous Uzbek winery located?