Valentine’s Day Quiz: questions and answers

Valentine’s Day Quiz: questions and answers
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Valentine’s Day is an international holiday of all loving and beloved people. What do you know about this most romantic holiday?

Valentine’s Day quiz includes some interesting questions and answers about this holiday

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1. Other than 14th February, Valentine's day is also celebrated on which two dates in July in some places?

2. Who wrote the poem "The Parliament of Fowls", associated with St. Valentine and Romance?

3. Where is Valentine's Day banned?

4. Valentine was the name given to which type of early Christians?

5. Who is the Tokyo based jeweler who crafted a large chocolate cake with 2006 diamonds?

6. What had Saint Valentine allegedly performed for his jailor's daughter?

7. In which year did England officially declare Valentine's Day as a holiday?

8. In which country is Valentine's Day celebrated for 3 months?

9. What kind of candies are most commonly given on Valentine's Day?

10. Red rose is the favorite flower of which God as per Valentine's Theory?