Vanuatu Quiz: questions and answers

Vanuatu Quiz: questions and answers
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Vanuatu is a small country located on the island in the Pacific Ocean. Do you know much about the country?

Vanuatu quiz contains some interesting questions with answers to test yourself.

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1. In which ocean is Vanuatu located?

2. What is the capital of Vanuatu?

3. What are the official languages of Vanuatu?

4. When was Vanuatu admitted to the United Nations?

5. How many members does the Parliament of Vanuatu have?

6. Since 1980, which countries have provided the bulk of Vanuatu's development aid?

7. In how many provinces has Vanuatu been divided since 1994?

8. What is the most popular sport in Vanuatu?

9. What is the national dish of Vanuatu?

10. What is the predominant religion in Vanuatu?