Vesta Quiz: questions and answers

Vesta Quiz: questions and answers
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Vesta was one of the Roman goddesses and the patron of hearth, home, and family. She was one of the most important deities in Roman mythology. 

Vesta quiz consists of ten curious questions with multiple choice answers to test your knowledge of the topic.

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1. Vesta is the deity of:

2. Who is her father?

3. Who is her mother?

4. How many siblings does Vesta have?

5. Who is the Greek equivalent of Vesta?

6. When was the annual festival Vestalia held in her honor?

7. Dii Consentes consists of how many of the most honored gods in the Roman pantheon?

8. Who was Vesta's husband?

9. Unlike most gods, Vesta was hardly depicted directly. She was symbolized by what?

10. What is the duration of Vestalia?