Vienna Quiz: questions and answers

Vienna Quiz: questions and answers
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Vienna is the capital of Austria. This is one of the oldest cities in Europe which is well known for its beautiful architecture and rich culture.

Vienna quiz includes some interesting questions and answers about the city.

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1. Where is Vienna located?

2. What is the main sport in Vienna?

3. What is the most prevalent religion in Vienna?

4. When was the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna founded?

5. In which year did the Vienna City Council adopt the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2050?

6. When was Vienna designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site?

7. Vienna was ranked, by Economist Intelligence Unit, at what position for "world's most liveable cities" in 2005?

8. Vienna is Austria's only:

9. Until which year was Vienna a part of Soviet-occupied Eastern Austria?

10. Who was the famous and pioneer psychotherapist lived in Vienna?