Vietnamese Cuisine Quiz: questions and answers

Vietnamese Cuisine Quiz: questions and answers
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Vietnamese cuisine is now gaining popularity all over the world. It is characterized by the usage of rice, soy sauce and big variety of fresh herbs.

Vietnamese Cuisine quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about this traditional food.

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1. How many fundamental tastes do most Vietnamese dishes include?

2. In which region of Vietnam which food is prepared with the strongest and boldest flavors?

3. Which country's cuisine has similar characteristics to Vietnamese cuisine?

4. What do Vietnamese use to replace chili pepper and add a spicy flavor to the dishes?

5. What is the most common type of curry in Vietnamese cuisine?

6. What is NOT a common ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine?

7. Which principle is NOT influent for Vietnamese cuisine?

8. What is salt used as in a cultural concept of Vietnamese cuisine?

9. What is the most popular Vietnamese soup?

10. What is added to the most popular Vietnamese coffee drink?