Violin Quiz: questions and answers

Violin Quiz: questions and answers
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Violin is a bowed string instrument. It became very popular in the XVIII century. Play the quiz and check how well do you know the history of this instrument.

Violin quiz has some multiple choice questions and answers to test your knowledge.

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1. What is the violin also known as?

2. Which material is the violin made of?

3. How many strings does the violin have?

4. Where did the violin first appear?

5. When was the term "violin" mentioned for the first time?

6. Which French King ordered to build 24 violins for him in 1560?

7. What is the finest Renaissance carved and decorated violin in the world?

8. What were first strings made of?

9. How is it called when two separate strings are stopped by the finger and bowed simultaneously?

10. How can the vibrato be produced?