Vladimir Nabokov Quiz: questions and answers

Vladimir Nabokov Quiz: questions and answers
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Vladimir Nabokov is a world-famous writer that was born in the Soviet Union and then moved to the USA. Although his native language was Russian he wrote a lot of his works in English.

Vladimir Nabokov quiz includes interesting questions with answers about this great writer.

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1. When was Vladimir Nabokov born?

2. Where was Nabokov born?

3. When was "Pale Fire" published?

4. Where did Vladimir's Lolita rank in the list of the Modern Library 100 Best Novels?

5. In which year was Lolita published?

6. Vladimir Nabokov was:

7. Which university did Vladimir attend?

8. What was Nabokov's pen name?

9. When did Nabokov leave Russia?

10. Which novel was not finished due to death of Nabokov?