Walt Whitman Quiz: questions and answers

Walt Whitman Quiz: questions and answers
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Whitman is considered one of the most influential poets in American literature. He is often called the "father of free verse".

Walt Whitman Quiz with multiple-choice questions and answers will test your knowledge about the life and works of this great man of literature.

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1. What is Walt Whitman mostly famous for?

2. Where was Walt Whitman born?

3. When was Walt Whitman born?

4. How many children were in Whitman's family?

5. Which child was Walt Whitman in the family?

6. What was Whitman's addiction?

7. What was the major theme in Whitman's poems?

8. Which religion was Whitman most influenced by?

9. What was Whitman's sexual orientation?

10. Did Whitman had children?