Quiz: What do You Know about Bigfoot? 15 Trivia Question

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Quiz: What do You Know about Bigfoot? 15 Trivia Question
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Sasquatch is a legend that has swept the world. Evidence of his existence comes from all over the world. Does this creature live somewhere in the world, or have it invented by people is difficult to say. Today we offer you to learn a little more about it or check your knowledge.

The quiz for the curious about Bigfoot consists of 15 questions of varying difficulty. If you do not answer some of them correctly, then you will learn something new for yourself. Bigfoot, whose existence has not yet been proven, does not cease to please the world with new facts about himself.

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1. Bigfoot, Bigfoot or Bigfoot are called different names in different countries. Which of the list is not such a name?

2. Sasquatch is a cryptid. What is the meaning of the term?

3. How does a bigfoot move, according to alleged eyewitnesses?

4. Who was called "bigfoot" in many Central Asian languages?

5. What shape of skull does Bigfoot have according to many alleged eyewitnesses?

6. Which snowman is considered the most famous?

7. How tall does the bigfoot reach according to alleged eyewitnesses?

8. Not all creatures by description resemble bigfoot of great height. The Indonesian ebugogo, for example, is not very tall at all. How do you literally translate its name from the Nage language?

9. What's the length of a supposed bigfoot's footprint?

10. Does the Himalayan Yeti have a tail?

11. When approaching which summit did you allegedly see traces of Himalayan Bigfoot?

12. Was the expedition led by mountaineer Ralph Izard able to find credible evidence of Bigfoot?

13. Whose were the three Bigfoot pelts obtained by participants in the expedition led by Hillary and Doyle?

14. A drawing of which species of Bigfoot is placed in a 19th-century Mongolian medical reference book?

15. Which organization funded a 1974 field study looking for evidence of Bigfoot?