World History Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

World History Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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What do you know about the evolution of people's social and political life? Are you familiar with ancient civilization? Let's check how well do you know the history of the world by playing the quiz.

The World History Quiz includes ten multiple choice trivia questions and answers to test yourself.

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1. What was the name of the greek historian born in Halicarnassus?

2. Who wrote "The Story of Mankind"?

3. When was "Scienza nuva seconda" written?

4. Who was Thucydides?

5. What was the most famous work of the persian historian Atâ-Malek Juvayni?

6. Who developed three lenses through which world history could be viewed?

7. When was "The Rise of the West" written?

8. Which ideology claims that the history of the world is determined by the "material conditions" at any given time?

9. Where was Voltaire from?

10. When did the Renaissance start?