World’s cuisines Quiz: questions and answers

World’s cuisines Quiz: questions and answers
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Every nation has its special food making and consuming traditions. It always reflects the cultural and agricultural traditions of the nation. Play the quiz and check how well do you know the big variety of food traditions.

World’s Cuisines Quiz contains some interesting questions and answers about the topic.


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1. Paella is the national dish of which country?

2. Biltong is a type of spicy dried meat. Where is it originated from?

3. Which language is the word "mayonnaise" derived from?

4. Risotto is a very famous dish from:

5. Where was hamburger invented?

6. What is escargot?

7. What are the favorite sweets in Finland?

8. What is the main ingredient in gazpacho?

9. Which meat is prohibited in Islamic countries' cuisines?

10. What do hummus and falafel have in common?