Yakuza Quiz: questions and answers

Yakuza Quiz: questions and answers
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Yakuza is the term used for members of the traditional Japanese crime syndicate. What do you know about Japanese 'mafia'?

Yakuza quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about the topic.


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1. Yakuza is also known as:

2. When was Yakuza founded?

3. What do Yakuza call themselves?

4. What is the estimated number of Yakuza members?

5. When did the famous Yakuza boss Kazuo Taoka die?

6. Who was the wife of Kazuo Taoka?

7. What is the name of the traditional tattoos used by Yakuza?

8. What is the biggest Yakuza family?

9. How are oyabun-kobun relationships traditionally formalized?

10. Who is the highest in Yakuza hierarchy?