Zaha Hadid Quiz: questions and answers

Zaha Hadid Quiz: questions and answers
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Zaha Hadid was the greatest and most influential architect of the XXI century. She is aт outstanding representative of deconstructivism.

Zaha Hadid quiz includes some interesting questions with multiple choice answers about her biography.

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1. Who was Zaha Hadid?

2. Where was Zaha born?

3. In which year did she win the Pritzker Architecture Prize?

4. How was she described by "The Guardian" newspaper?

5. Who made her a Dame in 2012?

6. Which of the following buildings was designed by Zaha??

7. What was the name of her design company?

8. How many children did she have?

9. What was the name of one of her first clients?

10. What was the reason for Zaha's death?