Solar System Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions with Answers

Solar System Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions with Answers
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The Solar System is our cosmic home and a large family of planets. One of them is our Earth. Today we offer you to test your knowledge on this interesting topic.

The Solar System Quiz for Kids consists of 10 multiple choice trivia questions. To answer them correctly you need to be attentive and remember your knowledge. Will you be able to cope with them?

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1. What is the name of the only star in the Solar System?

2. How many major planets are there in the Solar System?

3. What do the planets in the Solar System revolve around?

4. Which planet is the largest in the Solar System?

5. Do Saturn and Jupiter have a solid surface?

6. How do planets stay inside the Solar System?

7. Which planet is closest to the Sun?

8. After whom are most of the planets in the solar system named?

9. Which celestial body flying within the Solar System has a tail?

10. What do the satellites of the planets within the Solar System revolve around?