Sport Quiz: What Do You Know about Winter Sports?

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Sport Quiz: What Do You Know about Winter Sports?
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Winter sports are very popular in many countries around the world. Especially in those countries where it snows in winter and winter itself lasts long enough. What do you know about them?

The Sport Quiz "What Do You Know about Winter Sports?", which you can take on this page of our website, consists of 10 interesting questions with answers. Test your knowledge!

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1. What are winter sports?

2. Which sport is not a team sport?

3. Which of the following sports involves sledding?

4. What kind of sport involves going down an icy chute on a two-slide sled on a reinforced frame?

5. What is short track?

6. How many people are on a ski jumping team?

7. Which of the following sports is not played on an ice field?

8. Which of these is part of the Winter Paralympic Games program?

9. What is the name of an exclusively female team sport in the hockey family?

10. What is a feature of skiboarding?