Sun Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers

Sun Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers
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The sun warms our planet. Without it, life on Earth is impossible. And its light also cheers us up! What do you know about it? Ready to test your knowledge?

The Sun Quiz for Kids consists of 10 interesting multiple choice trivia questions. Try to answer each one correctly. Be attentive!

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1. What is the Sun?

2. Where does the Sun rise from?

3. What shape does the Sun have?

4. What is the position of the Sun when it is strictly vertical above the Earth?

5. What vitamin does the sun give us?

6. How many planets orbit the Sun?

7. What is the name of the system in which the planets revolve around the Sun?

8. What is not recommended to do in front of the Sun?

9. What is the name of a device by which you can get a tan without the sun?

10. Which of these phenomena can appear in the sky without the Sun?