Test Your Knowledge of Countries Quiz: 15 Trivia Questions with Answers

Test Your Knowledge of Countries Quiz: 15 Trivia Questions with Answers
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When studying geography or foreign languages, we learn a lot about different countries. And many of us like to travel around them to see the sights, trying unusual culinary dishes and touching the original traditions.

The Test Your Knowledge of Countries Quiz consists of 15 trivia questions of different complexity. Try to answer each of them correctly. Test your general knowledge on the subject!

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1. Which country has the largest land area?

2. What is the self-appellation of the people of which most of China's residents are members?

3. Which country's area is larger: the United States or Canada?

4. Which country has the largest population?

5. Which country has the largest number of time zones?

6. Which country has the largest number of lakes?

7. Which European country is the site of the invention of cinema in the late 19th century?

8. Which of these countries has left-hand traffic?

9. Which city is the capital of Peru?

10. Which islands are not a separate state?

11. In which country did the first railroad appear?

12. Which countries will be connected by the Channel Tunnel?

13. Hollandaise, remoulade, and béarnaise are sauces ...

14. Which country is not part of Scandinavia?

15. On which continent is the country of Ecuador located?