The Caucasian Chalk Circle Quiz: questions and answers

The Caucasian Chalk Circle Quiz: questions and answers
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The Caucasian Chalk Circle is one of the most celebrated works in German literature. Brecht wrote this play while he was living in the USA. Play the quiz and test how well do you know the plot of this literary work.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to test yourself.

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1. Who is the author of the play?

2. Which literary device did the author use in the play?

3. Where do the events of the play take place?

4. Who is the narrator of the story?

5. Whose baby did Grusha run away with?

6. Who did Lavrenti convince Grusha to marry?

7. Why did Grusha refuse to pull Michael from the center of chalk circle?

8. Did Azdak divorce Grusha and the peasant man?

9. Why did Natella want to get her son back?