The Life and Works of Jules Verne Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

The Life and Works of Jules Verne Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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The Life and Works of Jules Verne Quiz is ten questions of varying difficulty. Test your knowledge about the great French writer by answering them. Good luck!

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1. In what year was Jules Verne born?

2. Lord and Lady Glenarvan are the characters in the novel ....

3. How many sisters did Jules Verne have?

4. What is the name of the novel by Jules Verne whose events begin with strange phenomena where many inhabitants in both the Old and New Worlds hear melodies coming from the sky at night?

5. What career that did not fall to his lot did Jules Verne regret?

6. 1. Fogg is English, Passepartout is French

7. Which famous French writer's son was friends with Jules Verne?

8. Which Russian emperor had Mikhail Strogov, the hero of one of Jules Verne's novels, as a courier?

9. Which character did Verne envision as a Polish scholar who avenged the death of his family during the Polish Uprising of 1863-1864 against the Russian autocracy?

10. On March 9, 1886, who shot Jules Verne twice with a revolver?