The Summer Olympic Games Quiz: questions and answers

The Summer Olympic Games Quiz: questions and answers
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1. How often are the Summer Olympics held?

2. What year did the first Summer Olympics take place?

3. Which country hosted the first Summer Olympics?

4. The first Summer Olympic Games held in the United States, took place in 1904. In which city were they held?

5. After World War II the first post-war Summer Olympics Games were held in 1948 in ...

6. Who was the winner of the marathon in the first Summer Olympics?

7. The marathon is a long-distance race with an official distance of ...

8. Which country has received the most gold medals in the Summer Olympics of all time?

9. Women were allowed to participate in the Summer Olympics in ...

10. Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz, and Johnny Weissmuller. Which sport is it?