Trees Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers

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Trees Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Plants surround us everywhere. And knowing what they are called is very important.

The Trees Quiz for Kids will help you check knowledge, as well as reinforce what you've learned. It will appeal to both girls and boys. Our selected questions with answers are designed for children from 5 years old.

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1. Which tree has leaves that look like palms?

2. On which trees do acorns grow?

3. Which tree has needles instead of leaves?

4. Which trees are called conifers? They have needles instead of leaves.

5. Which tree has white bark with black stripes? It is called birch bark.

6. On which tree do the leaves not only turn yellow but also turn red in the fall?

7. Under which trees do mushrooms grow whose name includes the name of that tree?

8. Which tree is the most famous New Year's Eve children's song sung about?

9. What is the name of the tree on which apples grow?

10. Which tree has bunches of bright red berries?

11. What tree flies fluff that looks like snow in summer?