Visual Arts Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers for Ages 7-8

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Visual Arts Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers for Ages 7-8
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Visual Arts is one of the most interesting subjects in school. In it we learn by different means to create works that reflect the world around us.

The Visual Arts Quiz for Kids consists of 14 interesting multiple choice trivia questions with answers. They will help test your knowledge. Pay attention!

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1. What do you need for your art class?

2. Which color is one of the colors of the rainbow?

3. What color do we get by mixing red and yellow paint?

4. Which of the following is a fine art museum?

5. If a painting has a large-scale depiction of a person, it is a ...

6. Which color is warm?

7. Choose the color that is considered cool.

8. A sketch is a ...

9. In which art form are works created with paints?

10. If you draw a picture by hand with a pencil, it would be ...

11. What two colors do you need to mix to get green?

12. Which of the following is paint?

13. If you want to draw a daylight sun, what color paint should you choose to make it look like the real thing?

14. What is the name of the tool for working with paints?