World War I Quiz: Triple Entente

World War I Quiz: Triple Entente
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The Entente is one of the military-political blocs that took an active part in World War I. Moreover, the appearance of this alliance is considered one of the prerequisites for the beginning of this bloody war, which changed the course of human history. Today we offer you to test your historical knowledge about it.

The World War I Quiz about the Triple Entente consists of 18 questions of varying difficulty. Can you answer each of them correctly?

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1. Which three countries united in an alliance called the Entente, created as a counterweight to the Triple Alliance?

2. In which years, according to most historians, did the Entente military-political bloc basically take shape?

3. The strengthening of which country and the attempt to prevent its hegemony on the continent was one of the causes of the Entente?

4. The general course of the foreign policy of which country in the 2nd half of the 19th century has been called "brilliant isolation"?

5. In which year was the agreement on the consultation of all questions and the political agreement of both parties between the Russian Empire and the French Republic in the Franco-Russian Union formalized?

6. How is the word "entente" translated from the French?

7. Did the Entente recognize the Peace of Brest, which was concluded on March 3, 1918?

8. On April 26, 1915, a treaty was concluded in London to which the Entente was a party. Which country, by its terms, undertook to enter the war on the side of the Entente within the next month?

9. Were Entente troops able to break through the front during the second Battle of Artois?

10. Which country's military squadron visited Kronstadt on July 11, 1891, where it was personally greeted by Emperor Alexander III?

11. In which city was the 1907 Anglo-Russian Agreement signed?

12. The Anglo-French Agreement of 1904 drew a line under a century of "fighting" between the British Empire and France over a continent. For which continent were these two countries competing?

13. Select the date on which the United States entered the war on the side of the Entente.

14. Was the United States ever a member of the Entente?

15. This country, being neutral, refused to let German troops through, which led to its entry into the war on the side of the Entente on August 4, 1914.

16. China officially entered the war on August 14, 1917, but participated only formally. On which side did it stand?

17. According to Emperor Wilhelm II, the Entente bloc actually took shape as early as 1897 after a trilateral agreement was signed between England, America, and France. Under what name was it known?

18. After the formation of which international organization did the Entente effectively cease to exist?