World Whale and Dolphin Day Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

World Whale and Dolphin Day Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Whales and dolphins are residents of the oceans that evoke warm feelings in many people. The first - good-natured giants, and the second - the sweetest guys, who have earned a reputation as intellectuals not only among sea creatures, but also among all the animals of our planet.

The World Whale and Dolphin Day Quiz is dedicated to July 23. Today we offer you to test your knowledge about these mammals. We have prepared 20 interesting questions for you.

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1. Who established this holiday and in what year?

2. The narwhal has only two upper teeth. Which of these most often develops a tusk, reaching a length of up to 2–3 m and a weight of up to 10 kg?

3. Which whale is the largest animal on planet Earth today?

4. How big can the largest whale on our planet reach?

5. Which whale is the second largest animal on Earth today?

6. How often does the characteristic fountain of water appear in surfaced sperm whales?

7. How is the caudal fin positioned in cetaceans?

8. Dolphins are very intelligent animals. Their brain is much larger than the human brain in terms of the number of gyrations in the cerebral cortex. And how many times that?

9. Which traits can be used to reliably identify southern right whales?

10. Which species of dolphin becomes completely white as an adult?

11. What do bowhead whales living in the polar regions of the Northern Hemisphere feed on?

12. The songs of whales are mesmerizingly beautiful. And what organs do whales use to make these sounds?

13. What is the name of a substance that used to be extracted from the digestive tract of sperm whales?

14. Which characteristic gave the beluga whale its Latin genus name, Delphinapterus ("wingless dolphin")?

15. Which modern animal is the only true predator among cetaceans that preys on warm-blooded animals?

16. In what range are cetaceans capable of picking up sound waves?

17. Which whale was first identified as "baleine de la Nouvelle Angleterre" in the 1756 work Le Règne animal by Maturin Jacques Brisson?

18. Which modern whale holds the record for depth and duration of dives?

19. Which of the following dolphins lives in fresh water?

20. What do cetaceans feed their newborn calves?