Erudition Quiz: 18 Trivia Questions on Interesting Facts

Erudition Quiz: 18 Trivia Questions on Interesting Facts
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We continue the series of tests for erudition and horizons, which has become extremely popular on our project. Today we invite you to relax and have some fun. We will not only ask you interesting questions, but also tell you about various interesting things that you may not have known yet.

The Erudition Quiz "18 Trivia Questions on Interesting Facts", which we ask you to take today, covers different areas of knowledge. Try your hand at it!

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1. Does the sun have an atmosphere?

It does

2. What organ is the human skin?


3. Arachnophobia is the fear of...


4. What does an ordinary incandescent light bulb waste more energy on?


5. Is it true that a bird in the stork family, the African marabou, is a scavenger and predator?


6. What tree in ancient times in the Balkans was supposed to be planted by the roadside by a man who had committed a misdemeanor?


7. Which country's population is made up of 1/7 redheaded citizens?


8. The largest land predator on Earth is ...

polar bear

9. Whose gene was introduced into some varieties of green apples to give their peel a beautiful sheen?

Salmonid fish

10. Who was the grandmother of the famous French writer Alexandre Dumas (Sr.)?

A slave from Africa.

11. Who can go longer without water: a rat or a camel?


12. On what day in Peter the Great's time did the school year begin in most educational institutions in Russia?

December 1

13. Does Mars have its own magnetic field?

Yes, weak

14. What is Hollywood?

City district

15. How long can the northern lights last?

Up to several days

16. Is a firefly a bug?


17. Did Sebastian Bach have children?


18. How many continents are washed by the Indian Ocean?