Erudition Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions with Answers to Broaden Your Horizons

Erudition Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions with Answers to Broaden Your Horizons
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Do you want to have some fun and test your erudition and general knowledge? Then we have a new interesting test with questions on various topics. Don't worry if you can't answer some of them, because they will broaden your horizons.

The Erudition Quiz "20 Trivia Questions with Answers to Broaden Your Horizons", which you can answer on this page of our website, will test your knowledge and help you have a good time. Can you make no mistakes?

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1. In which country was the first woman president in the world?

2. Which country has a mountain ledge called Trolltunga ("Troll tongue") that offers incredible views of the lake and cliffs?

3. It took Fyodor Dostoyevsky less than a month to write this novel.

4. If a person has aichmophobia, what are they afraid of?

5. What is the name of the science that studies rocks?

6. How do jellyfish reproduce?

7. Which language is spoken by the most people in the world?

8. Who has more cervical vertebrae: a giraffe or a ostrich?

9. What is a bierdeckel?

10. Which river is the longest in Europe?

11. What was the first fruit the American astronauts ate after landing on the moon?

12. The fastest bird in the world, which can reach speeds of up to 90 meters per second.

13. Why are the standard footballs in black and white?

14. Which human organ hardly changes in size over the years?

15. Which sea has the greatest depth?

16. Which scientist is considered the founder of experimental physics?

17. Which bird is depicted on the coat of arms of Cyprus?

18. What should you do with a decimal when multiplying by 100?

19. Which country in the world offers rice flour cakes called mochi?

20. Which famous artist painted the famous painting «Starry Night»?