General Knowledge Quiz: 17 Entertaining Questions

General Knowledge Quiz: 17 Entertaining Questions
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"I want to know everything!" is a great motto, familiar to us since childhood. But even in our more mature years, we can't stop. Being interested in many and different things, we are fascinated by life itself in its infinite variety. And it becomes brighter, richer and as a result more fruitful. 

The general knowledge quiz includes 20 engaging questions with answers on a variety of topics. See how much you know!

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1. What popular sweet is called "daddy's beard" in France, "grandma's hair" in Greece, and "ghost's breath" in Africa?

2. Which animal on the list is not called a "sea hare"?

3. Are there gramophone records that can be listened to almost indefinitely? Certainly within the limits of their longevity.

4. Can water be heated above its boiling point in the microwave?

5. A penny-farthing is ...

6. What was Ernö Rubik, the inventor of the famous cube-shaped puzzle that bears his name, by profession?

7. In which city in India is the Lotus Temple, the main temple of the Bahai religion?

8. Which animal's tongue is twice as long as its body?

9. Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?

10. Is there a concept of the Easter of the Dead?

11. How many hearts does an octopus have?

12. Which famous artist was suspected of stealing the famous Mona Lisa from the Louvre?

13. Is it true that they adopt adult men in Japan?

14. What is the speed of sound in air?

15. Piloerection is in other words ...

16. Which water can you put out a fire faster?

17. You wouldn't be surprised to see a pink flamingo, but which other animals are pink?