European Cities Quiz: Multiple Choice Trivia Questions with Answers

European Cities Quiz: Multiple Choice Trivia Questions with Answers
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The countries of Europe have much in common, but also differ in many ways. And their cities strike the imagination with their architecture and special atmosphere.

The European Cities Quiz consists of 10 multiple choice trivia questions with answers. Test your knowledge of European cities. 

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1. On how many islands is Venice located in the Venetian Lagoon on the Adriatic Sea?

2. Which European city is the world's northernmost city with a population of more than one million people?

3. Which city has Norway's longest and deepest fjord?

4. Where does Munich's famous Oktoberfest folk festival begin in the fall?

5. Which Spanish city is considered the birthplace of the flamenco dance?

6. On the banks of which river is the German city of Bremen located?

7. On the western slope of which volcano is the city of Naples located?

8. On which bay is the French city of Marseille located?

9. Which of Finland's cities is traditionally considered "Christmas"? The country's main Christmas tree is erected here.

10. Which city in Bulgaria has an ancient stadium from the time of Emperor Hadrian?