General Knowledge Quiz: 7 Trivia Questions for the Best Erudite!

General Knowledge Quiz: 7 Trivia Questions for the Best Erudite!
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Today we bring to your attention a really difficult quiz, which consists of only 7 questions. At the same time, in each of them we have laid down an interesting fact. So even if you can't answer any of them correctly, you'll discover something new for yourself.

The General Knowledge Quiz, which you can pass, on this page, consists of questions on entirely different topics. Only if your horizons are really broad, you can answer 5 out of 7 questions correctly. If all questions are manageable for you, then you're the clear leader!

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1. The Jolly Roger is a traditional, from a modern person's perspective, pirate flag. But originally it was not quite so. Many researchers believe that at the time of its appearance it most likely meant ...

2. A very famous author was making the initial sketches for his works, which later became very popular. In the process, he gave the main character a name, which he later changed. First he called him Sherrington, then Sherringford. What character is this?

3. The peoples of Asia play the same game, calling it by different names: kok-boru, kokpar, buzkashi. The translation of one of these names is "tug of the goat". Which animals necessarily participate in this game?

4. Raff Coffee is a drink that appeared in Russia in the late 90s. According to the legend, it was an experiment by three baristas to please a regular customer who refused coffee. How is it different from lattes and cappuccinos?

5. The Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang wanted to live forever. To do so, he regularly poisoned himself with a very toxic substance. What was the substance?

6. Takanakuy is one of the traditional events in Peru, held annually on December 25. Its purpose is to successfully resolve old conflicts. What do the participants do?

7. American psychologist Abraham Maslow became famous for building his pyramid. What was at the very top of it?