Countries and Their Capitals Quiz: We Name a Country, You Guess Its Capital

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Countries and Their Capitals Quiz: We Name a Country, You Guess Its Capital
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Today we invite you to once again test your knowledge of countries and their capitals. In our quiz, there will be no easy questions. After all, everyone knows that the capital of Germany is Berlin. And what about Uruguay?

The Countries and Their Capitals Quiz consists of 20 multiple choice trivia questions with answers. For these questions we have chosen countries that not everyone knows. Test yourself and try to answer at least half of them correctly.

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1. Botswana

2. How many colors does the rainbow have?

3. Venezuela

4. What is the name of our planet?

5. Honduras

6. What light warms our planet?

7. Which of the following can be called a beast?

8. Jordan

9. Kyrgyzstan

10. Which animal is a predator?

11. Uruguay

12. What month is the beginning of summer in the United States?

13. Croatia

14. Is the bus a private transport or a public one?

15. What is a must-do when leaving home?

16. Albania

17. Angola

18. On which continent is France located?

19. Bolivia

20. What can be classified as wildlife?

21. Gambia

22. Guinea

23. Cambodia

24. Kenya

25. Laos

26. Macedonia

27. Mozambique

28. Nepal

29. UAE

30. Portugal