Geography Quiz: What Do You Know About the Seas and Oceans?

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Geography Quiz: What Do You Know About the Seas and Oceans?
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The seas and oceans are extremely important to our planet. So many scientists and travelers from different countries and eras have dedicated their lives to studying their mysteries. Their discoveries are still able to amaze us with their magnitude. How familiar are you with the subject?

The Geography Quiz "What Do You Know About the Seas and Oceans?" consists of 20 questions of varying difficulty. Do you know enough to answer at least 15 of them correctly? Challenge yourself!

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1. The world's shallowest sea is in Europe. What is its name?

2. Which sea is bounded on all sides by currents: the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic, the Canary, and the North Passage?

3. Which continent's coast is washed by the Weddell Sea?

4. In which ocean is Easter Island with its famous stone statues located?

5. Which of the seas represented belongs to the Pacific Ocean basin?

6. What is the peculiarity of the Red Sea?

7. Which sea washes Britain and the Scandinavian Peninsula?

8. Which ocean has more islands than others?

9. Where is the Tasman Sea located?

10. Which navigator was the first to cross the Indian Ocean?

11. This sea is separated from the Pacific Ocean by the Kamchatka Peninsula, Sakhalin Island, and the Kuril Islands.

12. Which countries are washed by the Arabian Sea?

13. The sea that belongs to the Arctic Ocean basin.

14. Parts of which oceans form a fifth ocean called the Southern Ocean?

15. Which sea is located further south relative to the other two?

16. In which ocean are the mysterious Bermuda Islands located?

17. Which ocean's waters simultaneously bathe Australia, Africa, and Eurasia?

18. The sea that washes around Canada and Greenland is called .

19. Which sea was called the Syrian Sea, the Byzantine Sea, the Roman Sea in ancient times?

20. The sea that became a bastion of piracy, where the famous corsairs Blackbeard and Steed Bonnet plundered?