Interesting Facts and Events Quiz: True or False?

Interesting Facts and Events Quiz: True or False?
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Let's play a guessing game. It will be quite simple! We'll tell you an interesting fact or event, and you tell us whether or not you believe what you read in the question. To avoid making mistakes, you have to use your memory and don't forget your erudition!

The Interesting Facts and Events Quiz "True or False?" can be called entertaining. It consists of 20 interesting questions, each of which has only two possible answers. Can you make no mistakes in at least 15 out of 20 cases? Test your erudition!

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1. Is it true that Mars has an atmosphere?

2. Scientists have found that brain size affects a person's intelligence. Is it true?

3. Do you believe that if you add up all the numbers on a casino roulette wheel, you get the number 666?

4. Do you believe that if you eat the caviar of the poisonous fugu fish, you can go blind?

5. Is it true that Christopher Columbus was the first man to circumnavigate the globe?

6. Is it true that the first toothbrushes originated in China?

7. Is it true that Raphael Santi painted his famous painting «Sistine Madonna» for 10 years?

8. Do you believe that there is a fear of beauty called caliphobia?

9. Is it true that possums pretend to be dead in case of danger?

10. Is it true that the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest in the world, is in the Atlantic Ocean?

11. Is it true that the science that studies rivers and lakes is called limnology?

12. Do you believe that the word "gadget" was first applied to a combat vehicle?

13. Is it true that two missionary brothers, Cyril and Methodius, created the Slavic script?

14. Do you believe that a headless cockroach can live for weeks?

15. Do you believe that Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is related to the brutal Vlad Tepes, known as Count Dracula?

16. Is it true that Russia and the United States are only four kilometers apart?

17. Is it true that Nikola Tesla invented the incandescent light bulb?

18. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai was built by Samsung. Is it true?

19. Do you believe that human DNA and banana DNA are 80 percent the same?

20. Is it true that an elephant can't jump?