Lewis Carroll Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions with Answers

Lewis Carroll Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions with Answers
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The English writer Lewis Carroll is known to many as the famous author of the stories of Alice's adventures. He was a gifted writer, but his talents encompassed other areas as well. Many know that he was a professor of mathematics and an excellent chess player.

The Lewis Carroll Quiz consists of 10 multiple choice trivia questions on his biography and work. Can you answer each one correctly? Test your general knowledge of this English writer.

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1. In what year was Lewis Carroll born?

2. We know Carroll well as a famous English writer. What else was he?

3. Which university was Lewis Carroll a professor of mathematics?

4. In which year did Lewis Carroll write his famous work Alice in Wonderland?

5. Lewis Carroll was born in the village of Dursbury, Cheshire. The boy's primary education was handled by his father. What was his occupation?

6. How many times did Lewis Carroll travel abroad?

7. In Carroll's poem, nine people hunt for the mysterious Snark. Who takes part in this activity with them?

8. Around 1859, Lewis Carroll took his famous photograph in which we can see Alice Liddell, who became the prototype of the little heroine of the writer's famous stories. In what image is she depicted?

9. Carroll's Alice books inspired English mathematician Vernon Parton to invent several variations of the chess game. Among them were "Alice's chess." How many chess boards are used in this game?

10. Lewis Carroll is not the writer's real name. It is a pseudonym he invented on the advice of magazine publisher Edmund Yates. What was the real name of the author of the stories of Alice's adventures?