Nature of Australia Quiz: 12 Trivia Questions with Answers

Nature of Australia Quiz: 12 Trivia Questions with Answers
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Australia is an amazing continent! Its uniqueness is due to its landscape: coastal areas are drowned in green trees, the center of the continent is a zone of semi-deserts and savannas, occasionally interspersed with islands of vegetation in the deep lowlands and along the floodplains. What do you know about Australian nature?

This Nature of Australia Quiz has 12 fun questions and answers to help you test your knowledge of the subject. Will you be able to make no mistakes?

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1. Along which coast of Australia does the Great Barrier Reef extend?

2. Which animal in Australia is a marsupial carnivore?

3. What is the area of the Gibson Desert?

4. How many animal species live in Australia?

5. What wild animals does Australia export to Saudi Arabia?

6. In which state in Australia is Great Sandy National Park located?

7. Most of Australia's woody plants are ...

8. Туземцы Квинсленда называют его баррамунда. Что это за животное?

9. Lyrebirds are considered the national bird of Australia. To which order of birds do they belong?

10. About 95% of the surface of the continent of Australia does not exceed ...

11. Australia is ...

12. The Gulf of Carpentaria is in the north of Australia. Which sea does it belong to?