Espresso Quiz: questions and answers

Espresso Quiz: questions and answers
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Espresso is an Italian coffee made with the technology of nearly boiling water forced through finely-ground coffee beans. Espresso is also used as the main ingredient if different coffee drinks.

Espresso quiz consists of some interesting questions and multiple choice answers related to the topic.

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1. What is the country of origin of espresso?

2. How can the taste of espresso be described?

3. What is the quantity of caffeine?

4. What have to be on top of the espresso to show its quality?

5. Who's the inventor of the espresso coffee machine?

6. What does the word "espresso" mean?

7. What's the composition of espresso?

8. What's the heart of the espresso?

9. Espresso was invented:

10. What can espresso give to you?