Quiz: Guess the Country from Two Cities

Quiz: Guess the Country from Two Cities
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Let's go on a virtual journey through different countries and cities again today. Today we invite you to test your memory and knowledge, guessing a country by its cities. We have purposely chosen not the most famous of them, so that the test did not seem too easy to you.

The Quiz "Guess the Country from Two Cities" consists of 20 interesting multiple choice trivia questions. We'll tell you two cities and you tell us the country they're in. Shall we begin?

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1. Nantes and Le Havre.

2. Messina and Bari

3. Ak-Dovurak and Alzamay

4. Gyor and Eger

5. Halifax and Charlottetown.

6. Dibba and Fujairah

7. Gold Coast and Townsville

8. Hoogesund and Tønsberg

9. Rishon LeZion and Ramat Gan

10. Harbin and Huh Hoto

11. Luebeck and Essen

12. Imatra and Kotka

13. Basel and Lausanne

14. Aarhus and Aalborg

15. Merida and Monterey

16. Alicante and Bilbao

17. Bruges and Wallonia

18. Sapporo and Nara

19. Hurghada and Bur Safaga

20. Leeds and Cardiff