Hippocrates Quiz: questions and answers

Hippocrates Quiz: questions and answers
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Hippocrates was a Greek philosopher and healer who is also known as the father of medicine. He is famous for creating a concept of medical ethics.

Hippocrates quiz includes 10 interesting questions and answers about the biography of this great man of science.

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1. Who was Hippocrates?

2. Where was Hippocrates born?

3. Hippocrates is often referred to as the:

4. What was Hippocrates' father name?

5. Where was Hippocrates possibly trained?

6. What was the Hippocratic bench used for?

7. In what language is the "Hippocratic Corpus" written?

8. Clubbing is also known as:

9. What are the four humors of Hippocratic medicine?

10. What is hippocras made of?