Quiz: Interesting Geography Questions for the Inquisitive

Quiz: Interesting Geography Questions for the Inquisitive
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Geographic knowledge is basic in assessing a person's level of erudition. However, not everyone can correctly and quickly show the desired object on the map or name the capital of this or that country. 

The Quiz: Interesting Geography Questions for the Inquisitive has 20 interesting questions that will allow you to assess your level of knowledge about our blue planet. Be daring, and you will succeed!

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1. Which of these rivers is the longest?

2. Several hundred rivers flow into Lake Baikal, but only ...

3. Which of these continents is almost half covered by deserts?

4. What is the Challenger's Chasm?

5. What is the name of a shallow body of water separated from the sea by a strip of coral reef?

6. The capital of which of these states has the same name as the state itself?

7. What winds are called monsoons?

8. What is the name of the highest navigable lake located on the border of Bolivia and Peru?

9. Which state is not bordered by Spain?

10. What is the name of a group of limestone rocks in the ocean near the coast of the Australian state of Victoria?

11. What was the dispute between the two American explorers Frederick Cook and Robert Peary?

12. The world's highest ever temperature was recorded in the state of California, USA . It was ...

13. What is a gyot?

14. In which ocean is St. Helena located?

15. Which of these seas is not washed by the United States?

16. The capital city of which state is Tirana?

17. Where is the highest mountain in Europe located?

18. Which continent has the longest land border between neighboring states at 8,891 km?

19. Which nation is located on more than 17,000 islands?

20. What is the age of the Earth?