Quiz: Journey to Countries and Cities of the World

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Quiz: Journey to Countries and Cities of the World
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Many of us love to travel. In the pursuit of new experiences, we are ready to travel around the world. Or at least most of it. We are interested in how people live in other places, what their traditions, history, and even the most ordinary way of life are. It inspires us, and life becomes brighter.

The Quiz: Journey to Countries and Cities of the World consists of 18 trivia questions of different difficulty. Try to answer each one correctly! 

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1. What is Europe's largest city in terms of population?

2. What is the name of the strait that divides Turkey into European and Asian parts?

3. What is the name of the central street of the business part of London?

4. In which country are the ruins of Carthage located?

5. How is the name of the city of Seoul translated?

6. Is it true that there is a city of Idiotville (town of idiots) in the United States?

7. Coober Pedy in Australia is a ...

8. Is Iceland a member of the European Union for 2022?

9. Which country grows square watermelons?

10. Which European city is older: Athens or Rome?

11. Is it true that about 35 million rural Chinese live in cave houses?

12. Which city's street is the shortest in the world today, and what is its name?

13. Which country has about 60 percent of the world's lakes?

14. Is it true that the U.S. has cities named London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Paris?

15. Which Spanish city is home to the famous flamenco dance?

16. How many people lived in Hum, Croatia according to the statistics for 2019?

17. Joulupukki is a ...

18. In which European country was Europe's first skyscraper built?