Elephants Quiz: questions and answers

Elephants Quiz: questions and answers
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Elephants are the biggest animals living on our planet. In some cultures, this animal plays an important role of the sacred animal. 

Elephants quiz consists of fun questions with multiple choice answers to check what do you know about these animals.


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1. Which country considers an elephant as a sacred animal?

2. How many species of elephants do exist?

3. What species of elephants is the largest?

4. On the coat of arms of what city is an elephant depicted?

5. Which Indian god is depicted as an elephant?

6. What is the reason for which elephant has become a favorite prey of poachers?

7. How many kilos of feed are required for an elephant per day?

8. What are the elephants famous for?

9. What is the weight of an African bush elephant?

10. How many years does an elephant live?