Polaris Quiz: questions and answers

Polaris Quiz: questions and answers
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Polaris is the brightest star in the northern sky. It is often used for navigation because it stays immovable on the night sky.

Polaris quiz includes interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge of the topic.

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1. What is Polaris?

2. When was Polaris discovered?

3. Who discovered Polaris?

4. When did NASA release images from the Hubble telescope showing the three members of the Polaris ternary system?

5. What is the distance between Polaris A and the nearest dwarf star?

6. Who confirmed the variability of Polaris?

7. When the variability of Polaris was confirmed?

8. What is Polaris also known as?

9. How long does it take for Polaris to complete its rotation?

10. Which constellation is Polaris located in?