Protestantism Quiz: questions and answers

Protestantism Quiz: questions and answers
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Protestantism is one of the three main branches of Christianity. It originated in the XVI century with a massive movement against the Roman Catholic church.

Protestantism quiz consists of ten curious multiple choicу questions and answers to test your knowledge about the topic.


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1. Where did Protestantism originate?

2. In what century did it originate?

3. Where is the greatest number of Protestantism followers?

4. Protestantism is one of the main branches of which religion?

5. Who was the inventor of Protestantism?

6. When did the word "Protestant" appear for the first time?

7. When do protestants mainly meet to celebrate the cult?

8. Which king of England separated the Church from the pope?

9. What was the reason for the beginning of the Reformation movement?

10. When did Martin Luther publish his "Ninety-five Theses"?