Planet Uranus Quiz: questions and answers

Planet Uranus Quiz: questions and answers
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Uranus is one of two ice giants of the Solar System. It was discovered at the end of the XVIII century.

Planet Uranus quiz includes ten questions with answers to test your knowledge about this space object.

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1. What is Uranus?

2. Who was the first to discover Uranus?

3. How long does a year on Uranus last?

4. What do Uranus and Venus have in common?

5. Which spacecraft was the only to land on Uranus surface?

6. Why does the planet have a greenish-blue color?

7. Who discovered the Uranus satellites Ariel and Umbriel?

8. The atmosphere of Uranus is abundant with argon.

9. How many rings does Uranus have?

10. What is Uranus position from the Sun?