Space and Astronomy Quiz: What do You Know About the Planets?

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Space and Astronomy Quiz: What do You Know About the Planets?
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From the moment man became aware of himself and his surroundings, he raised his eyes to the sky. After all, it is one of the most interesting objects to observe in our environment. And then he had a desire to understand what lurks in this endless and mysterious darkness. Subsequently, mankind will learn a lot about galaxies, stars, comets, asteroids and of course planets. One of which is our blue Earth.

The Space and Astronomy Quiz consists of 20 questions, each of which we gave 3 possible answers. Only one of them is correct. Let's go!

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1. Which planet has been "demoted" from ordinary to dwarf?

2. What does the term "exoplanet" mean?

3. Did you know there is a Lunar embassy? What does this organization do?

4. Scientists claim that there may be over 100 billion exoplanets in the galaxy. How many of them are believed to be Earth-like?

5. When did the longest private eclipse of Earth's only natural satellite occur (up to 98% of the Moon's surface at maximum phase) in the last 5 centuries of observation?

6. Most of the planets in the solar system have natural satellites, many with more than one. And only two planets of them have none at all. These are ...

7. According to one theory, a planet can leave a star and leave its orbit for free. What are such planets called?

8. What is the name given to objects that, although they have the mass of planets, do not meet the usual notion of planets?

9. The orbit of the planets is a complex phenomenon. It includes a number of elements. Which of these is not included?

10. We call Mars the "red planet." Which mineral gives it that color?

11. Which planet in the solar system has a day only 39 minutes longer than Earth?

12. This planet's atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide. What planet is this?

13. Which country's vehicles performed work on Mars in 2021?

14. India's Chandrayaan-1 space probe discovered 600 million tons of water at the North Pole of this planet's satellite. What planet is it?

15. The gas giants are the largest planets in the solar system. They are ...

16. It is known that all planets in the solar system are divided into groups according to their composition and size. Which group of planets does not exist?

17. Between the orbits of Jupiter and Neptune are a group of asteroids with unstable elongated orbits. What are they called?

18. Two Voyager probes were launched in 1977 by the U.S. to study distant planets. One of them was found to have a cone-shaped magnetic field, and that it was emitting more energy than it was receiving from the Sun. What kind of planet is this?

19. Two famous satellites revolve around Mars: Deimos and Phobos. They are named after the warrior brothers from Greek mythology.How do these names translate to English?

20. The earth is not shaped like a ball. Therefore, it does not have a single diameter. What is its average diameter?