Sports Quiz: What do You Know about Sports

Sports Quiz: What do You Know about Sports
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Sports help us stay in good shape all our lives. It's also great entertainment for fans from all over the world. Do you play sports yourself? Or support your favorite sports team?

Thй Sports Quiz: What I Know About Sports consists of 10 questions that will test your knowledge. How many correct answers will you give?

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1. What is the length of the marathon distance?

2. Which sports game uses the largest ball?

3. What is the motto of the Olympic Games?

4. What was the prize given to the winners of the Games in ancient Greece?

5. In what year were the first Olympic Winter Games held?

6. What kind of hockey doesn't exist?

7. What sport did Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton play?

8. What is another name for the butterfly style of swimming?

9. Which sport's compulsory program consists of the following elements: "Swordfish" or "Catalina", "Heron" or "Flamingo", "Aurora" or "Albatross"?

10. In which sport has the model of the tracksuit not changed since the century before last?