The Star by H. G. Wells Quiz: Multiple Choice Trivia Questions and Answers

The Star by H. G. Wells Quiz: Multiple Choice Trivia Questions and Answers
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Herbert Wells' short story The Star tells of a catastrophic event encountered by the planet Earth as a result of a strange object entering the solar system. From it we learn how people perceived what was happening. If you want to know how this frightening narrative ended, be sure to read this work of the great master of science fiction.

The Star by H. G. Wells Quiz consists of 15 multiple choice trivia questions on the plot of the short story. If you have read it, you will be able to answer each of them correctly.

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1. In what month do the events of this apocalyptic short story begin?

2. The normal orbit of which planet in the Solar System was first disturbed by a strange luminous object?

3. In which constellation was it possible to distinguish the glow of a strange object that entered the Solar System?

4. Were the inhabitants of Earth greatly disturbed after reports that a star was approaching?

5. What did the new star do to the planet Neptune?

6. Who wanted the new star to be even closer, hoping for its warmth?

7. Who started thinking about centrifugality and centripetal force after seeing the big star in the sky through a window?

8. What did the students do to drive their math professor to impotence?

9. Who was the first person the mathematics professor decided to present his calculations to?

10. What color was the new star?

11. Which planet, according to the calculations, deviating from its orbit, will affect the new star in such a way that there is a probability of its collision with the Earth?

12. How did many people feel about the great mathematician's grim warnings?

13. Did the new star collide with the Earth?

14. What became of the Moon after the star passed?

15. What happened all familiar continental markings and the masses of the seas on Earth according to the Martian astronomers?