Animal Quiz: 20 Questions with Answers for Connoisseurs

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Animal Quiz: 20 Questions with Answers for Connoisseurs
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All that is connected with the nature, exceptionally popular topics on our site. We have devoted a lot of cognitive quizzes, crosswords and puzzles on our project. And many of you perfectly cope with our riddles and puzzles.

The animal quiz we want to offer you today consists of 20 questions of varying difficulty. Show your intelligence and try to answer without mistakes. 

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1. Do Amur tigers and brown bears interact with each other and, if clashes occur, which usually attacks?

2. How many plates were on the back of the stegosaurus?

3. How many species of eucalyptus (out of 800 that exist) does the Koala feed on?

4. How far away from his home does a flying raccoon go?

5. How much weight can a polar bear reach?

6. How many years on average do foxes live in the wild?

7. What does the voice of an Indian rhinoceros sound like in everyday life?

8. What is the estimated number of elk around the world?

9. When were camels domesticated?

10. How long can a porcupine's needles reach?

11. What is the average height of an adult male gorilla?

12. What is the longest recorded length of a blue whale?

13. What is the weight range most suitable for the most common zebra species, Burchell's zebra?

14. How long of a leap can a large red kangaroo make during vigorous movement?

15. What is the maximum speed of a common dolphin (white-sided dolphin)?

16. What is the length of a lion's mane hair?

17. What is the maximum length of a common squirrel's leap?

18. Were there horses in America by the time Europeans colonized it?

19. How many neurons are there in the elephant's brain?

20. According to experts, how old are badger settlements?